Burn More Calories and Get Fit Faster – Interval Training for Seniors

For decades, interval training, at least as a regular part of a workout routine, was used almost exclusively by professional athletes. Recently however, it has become more popular among the general public, and a recent article  at the Mayo Clinic website explains what it is, how it is done, and what the benefits of interval training for seniors, or anyone else, really are.

You can click here to read the Mayo Clinic article now.

Interval training is simply a method of alternately pushing more and then easing back during an exercise routine. In the early days of the jogging boom, for example, people who were not in the best of shape were advised to walk for a while, then jog for a while, and then drop back to walking.

Depending on an individual’s personal condition and physical goals, interval training can be blended in to almost any exercise routine. I do an exercise routine five days a week where I walk (not jog or run due to old injuries and arthritis) to increase blood flow and get my body into the “fat burning zone”, do several supersets of a few strength and core exercises, and then walk some more to keep my body burning fat and to produce an aerobic effect.

In other words, warm up, strength training, and then some good cardio.

At any point in this cycle, I can, and do, incorporate interval training by speeding up my walking or increasing the elevation on my treadmill, doing a set of strength training exercises with higher weights.

One benefit of interval training in today’s busy world is that simply by adding this method to almost any workout or exercise you are already using, you can increase the exercise benefits you get from that workout.

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